Available courses


  • Learn different technologies used at client Side Scripting Language
  • Learn XML,CSS and XML parser.
  • One PHP framework for effective design of web application.
  • Learn JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages.
  • Learn AJAX to make our application more dynamic.

Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of algorithms and programming concepts . Data Structures and Advanced Data Structures. Basic Knowledge of Graphs and Algorithms.

Course Objectives

To design the algorithms, To select the appropriate algorithm by doing necessary analysis of algorithms, To learn basic Algorithm Analysis techniques and understand the use of asymptotic notation, Understand different design strategies, Understand the use of data structures in improving algorithm performance, Understand classical problem and solutions, Learn a variety of useful algorithms, Understand classification of problems, To provide foundation in algorithm design and analysis, To develop ability to understand and design algorithms in context of space and time complexity.

Course Prerequisites: 

Knowledge of file system concepts, Strong foundation of Related database Concepts (Basic & Advanced), A firm foundation of any RDBMS package 

Course Objectives: 

Provide an overview of the concept of NoSQL technology. Provide an insight into the different types of NoSQL databases. Make the student capable of making a choice of what database technologies to use, based on their application needs.

Course Prerequisites:

Operating System, Fundamentals of Computer Networks, Good Understanding of Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Course Objectives: 

To understand the principles and paradigm of Cloud Computing. To appreciate the role of Virtualization Technologies. Ability to design and deploy Cloud Infrastructure. Understand cloud security issues and solutions.